Step 10: How To Prepare For Your First Affair Date

Step 10: How To Prepare For Your First Affair Date

You’ve finally met someone and are getting ready for your first affair date, so what do you do? We’ve got 5 important tips to help you prep for your date. It’s not as simple as setting a date and then going – you have a spouse to answer to and a trail to cover, so tread lightly and do it right! These preparation tips double as ways to help you avoid getting caught, so make sure you do everything on this list to be safe. Use your head, be smart, and don’t get caught in a stupid lie. These tips can most definitely help you do that.

Schedule It Smartly

Be smart about when you schedule your first affair date for. Make it for when your spouse is at work or will be busy doing something themselves. Never schedule a first affair date that would conflict with something you have planned with your spouse or family. You never want to have to explain why you’re cancelling the event, and you could end up getting caught. If you want your first affair date to go smoothly, use you head when you’re making your plans. Leave zero room for potential overlap, and don’t try to cut anything close. If you have something planned in the evening with your family, don’t plan an afternoon first affair date. You’ll be stressed and frazzled trying to do both, and everyone will notice. Play it safe and don’t try to do both in one day. Make sure your spouse has something to do while you go out on your first affair date.

Pick A Discreet Place For Your Affair Date

Don’t choose a first affair date spot that’s too local, or one that you visit frequently with your spouse. You don’t want to be recognized being out with someone who isn’t your spouse, so don’t be stupid and visit your usual places. Go out of town, or pick somewhere that you know your spouse would never go to. To play it safest though, out of town is almost always recommended. Your odds of running into somebody that you or your spouse knows is much slimmer, so the chances of word getting back to them that you might be cheating are next to none. Darker lit places are also a good place to pick, for obvious reasons. Even if someone you know thinks they may have seen you, you can always blame it on a trick of bad lighting and deny that it was you. You really just want to cover your bases.

Make An Excuse

Chances are good that your spouse will try and contact you while you’re out on your first affair date, so make an excuse as to why they shouldn’t, or why you won’t be able to use your phone. The best excuses usually involve work and work-related activities, because your spouse can’t really question you when it seems like you’re just a good and busy employee. Meetings are a good reason for why you can’t use your phone, but be careful not to use the same excuse too often. This is when it gets suspicious. For your first affair date, use a work related excuse, and then get more creative from there. Never get too complicated and make up any elaborate stories. There’s a reason sitcoms use those situations as plot points – because they never work, and hilarity ensues. Only for you, it will be anything but hilarious. You’ll end up getting caught and could end your marriage, which isn’t ideal. Don’t use anything that could trip you up and allow you to get caught in a lie. Keep it simple, and believable.

Minimal Scent For Your First Affair Date

When you’re going out on your first affair date, the number one thing you want to keep in mind is not to wear any scent. No cologne or perfume, because you or your date could go back to your spouses smelling like someone else. Your spouse knows your smell and the products that you each use, so they’ll immediately recognize if you smell like a foreign scent. This is also courtesy to you date, because you don’t want them to have to answer any awkward questions to their spouse either about why they smell like someone else. It’s the easiest way to get caught, and is actually the most common reason for spouses to suspect that their significant other is cheating. Avoid all of these potential problems by steering clear of the scented fragrances, and requesting your first affair date to do the same. This is the safest way to make sure there are no issues.

Bring Protection

This should be common sense, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case. If you’re cheating on your spouse, and having sex with another person, you want to always use protection. Never assume they’re going to bring some. Do yourself a favor and bring your own, so there’s no excuse not to use it. You don’t want to change any chances and potentially catch anything that you could then pass onto your spouse. This is a sure-fire way to get caught, and make you both suffer. Avoid any of these potential issues by being careful and protecting yourself. You also don’t want to chance any pregnancies. This would be the end of any and all relationships, so it’s extremely important to take precaution to avoid bringing any babies into the situation. It’s just a first affair date after all, there’s no need to get super risky and start getting lazy. Protect yourself always and bring your own just in case.

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