Step 9: How To Navigate A Dating Affair Website

Step 9: How To Navigate A Dating Affair Website

Navigating your way around a dating affair website isn’t as hard as it might seem, even with all of your many options. We’ve got 5 tips to help you do it. Each and every dating affair website has different sections to explore, so we’ve put together this guide on how to use these parts of the site. Some of these areas are optional, and in place mostly for your entertainment, but it’s still good to know how to look around those parts of the website if you want to see what’s there. This is how to explore an affair dating website to the fullest.

Search Functions

Every affair dating website out there has a search function option – all of the best ones do, anyway. This function helps you (obviously) search for other members or whatever else you’re looking for, without having to search around the entire site to find again. Searches are most often located toward the top of the page, and may be a little bit invisible if you don’t know what to look for. You may not see a search bar, but that doesn’t mean that the affair dating website doesn’t have this option. It just means that you have to look a little harder! A general rule of thumb when looking for “search” is to look for a magnifying glass. This is the universal symbol for search, for obvious reasons, and is almost always presented as this icon. If you’re looking for a search bar but can’t find one a place to type anything, try looking instead for this icon. Click the magnifying glass icon and voila! There’s the search bar! Simply type in what it is you’re looking for and click go.

Forums And Discussion Boards

These are some of the optional sections of a dating affair website that are usually offered. These are places for members to talk to each other and share some experiences. They can ask questions to the group of like-minded members, engage in discussions on affair dating topics, or post anything that they think other members might find interesting or entertaining. Using these areas is usually only a matter of scrolling and clicking, but some of them can look a little bit more confusing at first glance. If a discussion or forum topic has a little arrow beside the title, you just need to click on that arrow and the rest of the posts underneath it will show. This is in place to clean up the appearance of the page. A lot of times, these are organized by topic as well, so if you use the search function in the forum and discussion area, this will narrow down what you’re seeing as well. If you don’t want to engage with other members aside from looking for dates though, you don’t need to use these dating affair website sections.

Dating Affair Website Profiles

These are the most common areas of the dating affair website that you’ll be encountering. It also happens to be the easiest to navigate. All you have to do is click and read! Every dating affair website differs a little bit in what they present on the profiles, but the majority of them will include photos, and a description of the person. Clicking on the photos should bring you to that members affair dating website photo album where you can peruse the other pictures that they’ve uploaded. A good dating affair website will have also icons and options to contact that person directly from their profile, so look for little icons like an envelope or chat box. Clicking these should take you to the message composer so that you can directly contact that member who’s profile you’re looking at.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are another optional area of a dating affair website, but they’re good places to utilize sometimes. They’re another place for members to congregate online and discuss affair topics. But chat rooms on a dating affair website is also another place that you can meet a potential date, but in a more public site space. You can talk to multiple members at one time, and if you feel like you’re connecting with one particular person and want to continue talking with just that person, then move your conversation over to private messaging. A good quality affair dating website will have this option. There isn’t much to know about chat room navigation, they’re usually pretty straight-forward. You just need to visit them once on the site to get an idea of what it’s like and how to use it.


Not every affair dating website will have a blog section, but the better ones tend to offer them. They’re usually full of articles on affair dating topics to help members figure out personal things about affair dating, or offer tips on how to do it successfully. They aren’t complication sections of these sites. You really just have to scroll and browse, then select the blog title you want to read. If you aren’t interested in doing anything on an affair dating site except trying to meet potential partners then that’s totally fine, but if you feel like you might need some date ideas or tips at any point in the future, just know that they’re available on the site too. They provide entertainment and education of sorts, so if you have some free time waiting for a reply, then check it out for a minute or two.

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