Thinking About An Affair? 4 Reasons To Take The Plunge

Thinking About An Affair? Here Are 4 Reasons To Take The Plunge

Are you thinking about having an affair but haven’t been able to pull the trigger? Here are AffairDatingGuru’s top four reasons to start affair dating.

#1: Exploring Your Sexuality

A lot of the time, sexual exploration slows down or stops shortly after seriously settling down in a relationship. At this point, most people feel too awkward or embarrassed to present the idea of new sexual positions, kinks, or activities and as a result, their sex lives plateau. When you decide to start affair dating, however, you have the opportunity to start fresh and explore your sexuality, try new things, and even get a little freaky. Always wanted to experiment with some BDSM? Have a new position you’d like to try out? Interested to see how you’d feel about sex with a younger or older woman? Having an affair is the perfect answer!

#2: Making New Memories

When you’re in a relationship, your life can tend to get into a pretty regular and boring routine without a lot of variety. Is that what you want to remember on your deathbed? Driving the kids to school and going to work and getting groceries and sitting on the couch? With affair dating, you will have the opportunity—not to mention the new found enthusiasm and excitement—to get out there, enjoy new experiences, and make lifelong memories! Having an affair is a great excuse to do that adrenaline-rush activity your wife forbids you from thinking about, to eat at that restaurant that’s “too fancy” for you, or to spend a weekend in a new city for once!

#3: Fulfilling Your Sexual Desires

One of the biggest reasons that people have affairs is because their sex drive isn’t being fulfilled in their current relationship. Whether it is because you and your spouse have always had a difference in sex drive and it’s wearing on you, or it is because your spouse’s sex drive has dropped significantly since you have been in a monogamous relationship, it is not uncommon for affair dating to fill in the gaps. If you want to have sex every other day and your spouse only wants to have sex once a month, what else are you supposed to do?

#4: Spicing Things Up A Bit

Having sex with only one person for your whole life can become incredibly boring, incredibly fast. And yes, this can still be true no matter how much you love your spouse and how hard you want your relationship to work. Many people use affair dating as a way to “spice up” their own sex lives, and say that it makes them feel less resentful of the sex life they have with their spouse and that it ultimately makes them a better partner. If you feel like you need a “spark” in your relationship, affair dating could just be the thing you give you your kick-start!

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