Top Five Best Vacation Spots For People Having Affairs

Best Vacation Spots For Affairs

Want to get away with your affair partner but don’t know where to go? We’ve got you covered! These are the best places to go on vacation and have an affair. It’s extremely common to have affairs on vacation, way more than you might think, so go somewhere that you two can have the best (and most discreet!) time possible!

Las Vegas

There’s more than one reason that Vegas is called Sin City. People come from all over to have affairs and keep their privacy – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas they say, so why wouldn’t this be the best place to go? You can gamble, see shows – go out in public and not have to worry about being seen with someone who isn’t your spouse!


This is probably one of the best and most fun places to have affairs. All of the French are doing it! Affairs are actually really common in Parisian culture, for some reason, so this is perfect place to go with your affair date and feel accepted. Plus it’s the city of love, so this might the perfect place to go if you’re looking to find an affair, or want to go away with the person you’re already having an affair with.


Who doesn’t love relaxing on the beach? In somewhere that close to paradise, you can’t have a care in the world. And neither do the other people visiting. You know you won’t run into your spouse, and chances of seeing anybody that you know are slim to none, so you can just relax, have sex, and enjoy the tropical paradise with your affair partner in peace.


Spanish people are passionate by nature, so if your affair is full of passion, then travel to the place with beautiful scenery and passion to match! There are tons of romantic and cultural things to explore together, or you can hole up in a countryside villa and have sex all week long.

A Cruise

You might not think it, but a cruise ship is a place where there’s always apparently lots of sex! This is true of both the crew and the passengers. For some reason, being on a ship in the middle of the ocean makes people frisky, so this is a good place to go for an affair!

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