Affairs By Location: Cities With High Numbers Of Affairs

Cities Where The Most Affairs Happen

Believe it or not, some cities are more popular for affairs than others. These five cities are where you can find the most affairs in the United States. If you’re looking to travel somewhere to have a discreet and easy affair, then try to plan your trip to one of these places.

Las Vegas

Seeing this one on the list probably comes as zero surprise, but Las Vegas is home to a huge population of cheating spouses. Sin City has one of the largest numbers of people who are admitted members of affair dating sites, and the city itself is a great place to go out on affair dates. There are tons of sexy things to do in the city, so it’s really no wonder that affairs are popular here.

Los Angeles

LA is a place where monogamy just doesn’t seem plausible. With so many sexy people all over the place it’s no wonder LA ranked as one of the highest populations of affairs. This is also the city where our favorite celebrities live, and we know they love their affairs, so Los Angeles actually makes sense as a popular affair location.

New York City

Affairs are actually not legal in New York City, and yet, it’s still one of the most popular cities where people have affairs. This is most likely because of the huge population of people living there, paths are bound to cross and connect!


Boston has become the town for more than just Harvard and beans. A huge number of the city’s residents actually take part in affair dating! Statistics show that a huge number of men and women in the city are subscribed to affair dating websites, and a lot of them openly admit to being members. Come to this New England town and find more than Ivy League Universities!


Austin actually ranks as the city with the most affairs in the US. When it came to measuring numbers of members on affair dating sites, Austin had the highest numbers of people registered. Southern hospitality just took on a whole new meaning! If you’re travelling to the south and want to get into affair dating, now you know where you need to go!

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