Countries Where Affairs Are Illegal: Places To Avoid

Countries To Avoid When Having An Affair

In today’s progressive age, countries worldwide have repealed laws against affairs. But this isn’t the case everywhere. You can’t cheat in all places. Some countries still consider it illegal to cheat on your spouse, so if you’re looking for a place to travel with your side-piece, don’t go to these places.

United States

In the majority of states in the US, it’s illegal to have an affair. What this means more than anything else is if you’re in one of those states, just don’t get caught! It only really means anything in the US if your spouse tries to take legal action against you, but it they don’t find out, then you’re fine.


The Philippines is a conservative and traditional Asian country so it makes sense that they would have laws against anything they would seem threatening to tradition. While the people are warm and welcoming to tourists, they might be less inclined to act this way if they know that you’re having an affair in your marriage. You wouldn’t face legal punishments as a tourist, but don’t move here if you’re running away with your mistress!


You might be surprised to see Taiwan on this list, but if you go to this Asian nation, don’t expect your affair to be greeted warmly. This is one of the countries where you want to keep the fact that you aren’t with your spouse on the down-low. Punishments for tourists would be practically non-existent, but you still don’t want to take the chance of getting caught – your spouse could find out!


This island paradise might be tempting to flee to for an incredible getaway with your side-piece, but make sure nobody knows that they aren’t your spouse. This muslim country strongly disapproves of affairs for religious reasons, so pretend that the person you’re with is your spouse. Play house for a week and live the fantasy that you two are actually together.


An uber traditional and religious country, India seems like an obvious place where dating affairs would be illegal. It’s defined in a lot of the country’s texts, so this is not a place that you want to travel to if you’re trying to find someone to have an affair with. You probably won’t have much luck.

**Now that you know where not to go, find someone to have an affair vacation somewhere else with someone you meet on!**

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