Deceptive Dudes: Five Of The Hottest Male Cheaters

Top 5 Hottest Male Cheaters

Cheating and affair dating isn’t just for hot women! Some of the hottest famous men have had affairs, and we made a list of the top 5 hottest male cheaters. Most of these men you’ve probably heard of from the scandals involved in their high profile affairs, so you won’t shocked to see them named here. But one or two of these hot famous men may not have been who you would think would be considered cheaters. These are those men.

Ben Affleck

You’ve heard about this one fairly recently – Ben Affleck cheated on wife Jennifer Garner with their young hot nanny. Both of them deny that this happened, but the nanny herself has been pretty public about her involvement in the Affleck-Garner marriage and household.

Hank Baskett

While his wife, former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson was pregnant with their second child, Hank Baskett had an affair with a prostitute. There were all kinds of rumors flying around at the time, and eventually Baskett admitted to the affair. The couple has been able to reconcile their marriage with counselling (some on reality TV) and things seem to be going well.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was dating Elizabeth Hurley for years before he was caught cheating on her with a prostitute. While the couple did break up and there was a whole lot of scandal, his career didn’t really suffer from it. The fall-out was mostly personal, within his relationship. He stopped working for a little while, but got back into acting after that like nothing ever happened.

Jude Law

Again with the nanny! While dating actress Sienna Miller, Jude Law was caught having an affair with his children’s nanny. Interestingly, Miller is also serial cheater in her relationships, and there were also rumors that she had cheated on him as well! Either way, the couple broke up and the two moved on, but the nanny, predictably, lost her job.

Ashton Kutcher


This one might be a bit more surprising, but it was discovered that Ashton Kutcher had actually cheated on his much older wife Demi Moore. The two divorced after a years of marriage, but for a while it was a mystery exactly as to what happened. Actor, and Clint’s son, Scott Eastwood actually exposed it to the public, because Ashton cheated with Eastwood’s ex girlfriend!

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