Femmes Fatales: Five Of The Hottest Female Cheaters

Top 5 Hottest Female Cheaters

Married dating and affairs are rampant all over, but no more than in lives of the rich and famous. This is a list of some of the hottest female cheaters. It might surprise you to see some of these names on this list, but only the hottest serial cheaters are included, so you better believe it’s true!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has a long history of cheating on her boyfriends and husbands, but you don’t hear about it that much. She first cheated on P. Diddy (Puff Daddy at the time) with backup dancer Cris Judd, whom she ended up marrying. That marriage only lasted 9 months before they divorced, allegedly over her having an affair with Ben Affleck. Most recently, both her and her current boyfriend Casper Smart have been accused of cheating on each other.

Bijou Phillips

Hollywood daughter and actress Bijou Phillips cheated on her famous boyfriend Sean Lennon, thus ending their long term relationship. She’s also been accused of cheating on her ex-fiance Danny Masterson, so she most definitely counts as a serial cheater – but a hot one!

Anne Heche

Anne Heche has allegedly cheated on each and every one of her partners. She was accused of cheating on Ellen Degeneres, whom she moved on from with a man. She then married one of her co-stars, who she also cheated on, putting an end to that marriage. She’s now married to the man she cheated with, James Tupper, and no word yet on whether or not she’s remained faithful.


Madonna is responsible for the end of two marriages with her affair. During her marriage to Guy Ritchie, she had an affair with married MLB star Alex Rodriguez. The two denied that their affair caused their respective divorces, but they dated for a short time after they became officially “single” pretty much right away. While Madge may not admit it, A-Rod’s ex-wife has also publicly stated that Madonna was indeed responsible for the end of her marriage to the baseball hitter.

Heidi Klum

After decades of a supposedly happy and extremely loving marriage to Seal, Heidi Klum cheated on him with her bodyguard. The two were somewhat separated, but not officially divorced. The bodyguard that she cheated was also married, so this was one big love affair!

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