Countries Where Affairs Are Completely Legal

Countries Where Affairs Are Completely Legal

Affairs are not legal everywhere, but the majority of countries around the world have actually made it legal! Travel to one of these places for your affair. You can get the most out of your vacation, and your affair by doing it in one of these five places.


Ever the progressive nation, Japan has had legal affairs since 1947. If you want to travel to Asia, but don’t know how your affair might be interpreted, erase all of that concern and go to Japan!

All European Countries

It’s not secret that Europeans are more open about all things sex then many other countries. That’s what makes the entire continent a good location to go to for affairs! Every country in Europe has made it legal to have an affair, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t combine your travel with your desire to have an affair!


The land down under is a country of many things, and legal affairs is one of them! The lease dangerous thing you can do in Australia is have an affair, so if you’re trying to decide what’s more risky between cheating and shark diving, take comfort in knowing that the shark is the thing to be afraid of here.


Canada has a lot of great laws that make it easy for the people who live there to have long and happy lives. One of these is the legal right to have an affair. If you live in Canada, or are planning to go there, know that you meet someone to have an affair with no problem. It’s also a great place to take your affair date, because the people are friendly and accepting, and you’ll have a fantastic time going about your affair vacation there.


South Americans are all about passion and fire, so it’s not a coincidence that Brazil would be a place to have legal affairs. It’s all about enjoying life and experiencing what comes as it happens, so if you’re looking for a passionate and steamy affair, Brazil is the place to go. This isn’t the only South American country with legal affairs either! Many of the countries bordering Brazil are included, so your options are open!

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