Three Real Life Tales Of Hot Affair Dating Success

Three Real Life Tales Of Hot Affair Dating Success

Three affair dating site users sat down with and gave us the scoop on their real life affair dating success stories. Read them here.

“There’s More To Life Than Sex With One Woman”

I love my wife, I do. I just met her too early in my life. Getting married at 22 years old doesn’t leave you much time for getting around and meeting other women, you know? I just feel like there’s more to life than sex with one woman for the rest of my life. I don’t want to get a divorce, but before I started having affairs I was starting to get resentful of my wife. Since I’ve started having affairs, I’ve actually been much happier in my marriage. I don’t know what my wife would do if she found out, but finding girls online with AffairsClub has definitely allowed me to be more discreet. If you feel the same way I do about marrying young and you think you can keep it a secret, I actually really recommend affairs as a way to save your marriage.

John – 24, Austin

“I’ve Been Successfully Having Affairs For Years”

You can call me a pig, you can call me a bastard, you can call me whatever name you want, but I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this right now then you’re thinking about cheating on your wife too. And it doesn’t matter anyway. My wife cheated on me first. I’m not the bad guy here. Whatever. The point is, I’ve been successfully having affairs for years now. For any guy who thinks they can’t get away with it, I promise you that you can. You just need to think smart and be careful. Don’t go anywhere where you might be see. Find your girls online. Use protection. Use your brain and you’ll be fine. Affairs are a lot easier than you think.

Anthony – 30, Chicago

“Our Sex Life Isn’t Even Bad, I Just Need… More”

I never thought I would be the kind of person to cheat on my husband, but here we are. I’ve accepted that this is who I am and that having more than one man in my life makes me a happier person and, honestly, a better wife. My husband is great. He’s a good provider, a great dad, and someone who cleans the house without being nagged. Our sex life isn’t even bad, but I just need… more. My husband is a lot of great things, but open-minded is not one of them. Having affairs has helped me get the sex that I want on the side so that I can be happier with my husband’s vanilla moves in between. It’s working for me. I’m less stressed, more fulfilled, and generally feel like a more complete person.

Michelle – 34, Ithaca

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