AffairAlert: I Regret Joining This Useless Scam Site!

AffairAlert: I Regret Joining This Useless Scam Site!

AffairAlert Is A Useless Scam Site That I Regret Joining!

I hope that if you are reading this right now it is because you want to know more about affair dating sites before you join any of them and not because you have already joined and are looking around to see if it is as awful as you think it is. If you’re are here because of the latter… I’m sorry to tell you that Affair Alert is BY FAR the WORST married dating site I have ever experienced. Cancel your membership and get out while you still can, and if you haven’t joined yet then count your lucky stars!


Joining The Site

When I joined, it was in a panic. When you get on the homepage for the first time, there’s this banner across the top with a countdown that’s meant to make you feel like if you don’t sign up you are going to miss out. It’s stupid, but it works… I’m proof of that. But I’m telling you this now: that countdown is totally meaningless and completely bullshit. Just refresh the page. Seriously, go ahead and refresh it. You can revisit the Affair Alert site as often as you want and the countdown will always start in the same place. Oh, and the homepage also says that AffairAlert is free. Well, guess what? It’s not.

Results After 3 Months Online

After joining up and paying for a full membership like a complete chump, I stayed on for three months, hoping that maybe some tiny thing might at least come out of it. Here are the results I had:

  • 572 messages sent
  • 10 messages received
  • 3 doomed conversations
  • 0 dates
  • 0 affairs

You might see “110 messages received” and think that’s not that bad, but if you ask me how many of those messages I received were from bots or fake profiles or whatever, the answer would still be 110 messages. Not one message I received was from a real girl. And of all the messages I sent out myself, I only received three replies back. All three of them were prostitutes, and they weren’t looking for affairs… they were looking for johns!

What Needs To Change

Um, to start I’d have to say… everything? Honestly, this site only exists to scam people out of money. They don’t care if you have a good time or meet anyone for affair dating. It’s not like they just have one or two mistakes they need to fix and then everything will be hunky dory… this whole site needs to be banished from the internet forever and its creators need to have their computers taken away! If you really want me to summarize though, here are my biggest peeves:

  • Fake Profiles And Bots: Almost every “member” you will see on Affair Alert will be fake. They are either fake profiles set up to make it look like they have more members than they do, or they are computer bots sending you scripted messages to make you feel like they might be real and keep you coming back to the site.
  • Full Of Prostitutes: Any real woman you meet on AffairAlert will most likely be a prostitute. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with prostitutes, but if I’m already paying for a membership on this stupid scam site, I’m not going to also spend money on prostitutes.
  • Shitty Features: And by “shitty” I mean “non-existent”. AffairAlert is as barebones as it gets and that just doesn’t cut it, even if they were a legit married dating site!
  • NOT FREE: It may say it is free but it is just another part of the scam. Don’t be a fool and give them your money like I did.

Conclusion is the WORST affair dating site I have EVER been on. I can’t express enough how strongly I feel about the fact that no one should be joining this site. I’m glad I could come on AffairDatingGuru and talk about what a scam is. I hope nobody else has to go through what I went through on there. I’ve since switched to—a site AffairDatingGuru recommended to me—and I have been having much better luck!

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