Stay Away From AffairDating At All Costs! It’s A Scam!

Stay Away From AffairDating At All Costs! It’s A Scam!

Stay Away From At All Costs! It’s Just One Big Scam!

I’m going to tell you this flat out right here and now so that you don’t even need to read the rest of this page if you don’t want to: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AFFAIRDATING.COM. I very, very stupidly paid for a three month membership on and there was absolutely ZERO return on my investment, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, I mean that I never got anything out of the site in return for paying for a membership – no connections, no fun, and definitely no affairs. AffairsDating is a scam, plain and simple.


Joining The Site

The joining part isn’t really the problem when it comes to It’s just male/female, date of birth, postal code, email, password – BAM, you’re in. I have a feeling they specifically made that part super easy so that more people would do it and get ensnared in this death trap they call a married dating site. Once you’re on the site itself, they push pretty hard to make you pay for a full membership. Most of the links on the site just take you to a payment page, and you can’t read or send any messages without signing up either. It’s a great tactic on their part, but once you pay you realize there’s not much of a difference from before.

Results After 3 Months Online

  • 646 messages sent
  • 116 messages received
  • 2 chats
  • 0 dates
  • 0 affairs

A measly 116 messages is NOTHING for a site that claims to be one of the top affair dating websites, but it’s even worse on AffairDating because basically NONE of those messages were real. I had 20 or 30 of them before I even paid for my membership, which was a big part of why I paid in the first place. They kept telling me I had girls trying to contact me and that I had to get the full membership to read my messages. Once I could see them I sent replies, but I never heard anything back. When I investigated the profiles the messages came from, it was pretty obvious that they were fake. Over three months I did have two real conversations on, but both of them were with women who weren’t very attractive and didn’t even live close enough to me anyway.

What Needs To Change

Honestly, my results weren’t even my biggest beef with The biggest problem I have with this site is that they have ZERO CHILL when it comes to being discreet. You’d think that if you were a married dating site, you’d put a little more emphasis on making your members feel secure, but NOPE. Don’t use a credit card that your wife will see the bill of because… guess what? It shows up as AFFAIRDATING on the goddamn bill!! Oh, and you better make a whole new email address to use just for this site because they will send you spam mail three times a day. But wait, it gets better. I actually did make a new email account when I signed up for Affair Dating, and somehow they still got spam through to my regular email address. How they did that, I don’t even know, but I am VERY lucky that my wife never saw any of this shit before I got there to delete it or cover it up.

I’m sure I can think of a few more things…

  • Impossible To Use: Not only is super hard to firgure out, but even once you think you’ve got it, you don’t. So many links are broken and just go to 404 pages. Other links work but take you to something different than what you were trying to get to. Some things look like they should be links, but they are not. It’s a mess!
  • Broken Messaging: Even when you try to send messages to all of AffairDating’s wonderful fake women, the messaging system doesn’t work half the time! It either lags for a long time or never even sends at all.
  • Ugly Design: Okay, now I’m just getting nit-picky, but seriously? This site is ugly as sin. They could have put in a LITTLE effort.


Put simply? DO. NOT. JOIN. THIS. SITE. is nothing but a big scam that just wants to steal your money and send you nothing but spam in return.

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