AshleyMadison Is Nothing But A Low Down Dirty Scam!

AshleyMadison Is Nothing But A Low Down Dirty Scam! Is Nothing But A Low Down Dirty Scam!

When it comes to affair dating online, I know that everyone’s mind goes right to It’s not because they are the best affair dating site (HA! Far from it!), or because they have the most active members. Nope! It’s because they have the most money to throw around and they pay for a shit-ton of Google ad space and a top-notch advertising and marketing department. So don’t be fooled into thinking they are the best just because they are the one you know. is 100% a big, giant SCAM!!

You can read on if you want, but I’m telling you right now that you should avoid this site like it’s the worst plague in history!


Joining The Site

Joining AshleyMadison isn’t the hard part… it’s quitting AshleyMadison that will make you want to implode. Why? Because Ashley Madison makes you pay money to quit! That’s the way they get you. If you don’t pay them, they don’t delete your information (although the hack revealed that they don’t delete anyone’s information, ever, anyway). That’s how they can say they have “over 47,965,000 members” when in reality they have over 47,000,000 fake and inactive members.

Results After 3 Months Online

I knew after only a couple weeks that was a full-fledged scam, but I stayed on the site for three months just to be able to say I gave them a fair shake when it came time to write this review. Anyway, here are my results from using AshleyMadison for three months:

  • 116 messages sent
  • 130 messages received
  • 0 real women
  • 0 dates
  • 0 affairs

Yeah, okay, I only send out 116 messages, but that’s just because I gave up after about two weeks. For all the messages I sent out, I received exactly zero replies. And for the 130 messages I received? Well, I replied to a lot of them, but none of them ever sent a follow-up reply. I’m 100% sure they were just bots created by Ashley Madison sending me automated messages. I checked out some of the profiles they were coming from, too. Most, if not all, of the ones I checked out were void of any information, were listed in another country, or had photos of celebrities or models as their profile photo so they were clearly fake. All in all, I had zero real conversations, met zero real women, went on zero dates, and found zero affairs. So, try to tell me that is the best now.

What Needs To Change

My honest answer would be “literally everything”. If you need a few things to start with though, how about these:

  • Get Actual Women On The Site: Remember when the Ashley Madison hack happened in 2015? Yeah… you know what they found out about the site after that? They found out that only 1% of the “over 5 million female members” were active accounts. I’m dead serious. You can go look this up. All the other accounts are fake profiles created by AshleyMadison, or they are accounts that were created and only used on that first day.
  • Let People Quit Without Charging Them: Yeah. As I mentioned above… this is just ridiculous and offensive. The only reason they charge people to leave is because they know it’s the only way they will make money because everyone wants to leave their site immediately.
  • Not Be Soulless Scamming Thieves: You know, if you want to run a successful affair dating site, that’s great. But maybe you could try to run it in a way that isn’t underhanded, unethical, and bordering on illegal. will never be a better site unless the people running it are replaced by others that are a little less demonic.


Being on AshleyMadison was one of the WORST experiences of my life. They left me feeling nothing but lonely, frustrated, and betrayed. Trust me and heed my warning: do NOT join unless you feel like losing all your money and having all your personal information exposed.

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