I Will Stay On EasySex.com For The Rest Of My Life!

I Will Stay On EasySex.com For The Rest Of My Life!

I Will Stay On EasySex.com For The Rest Of My Life!

I joined EasySex because I wanted exactly what their site name promised. I got that and so much more. I will stay on EasySex.com for the rest of my life! I was on a few other married dating sites before I found EasySex, but they always ended up either being scams, having no members, or not being discreet enough for me to feel safe. On Easy Sex, I haven’t had any encountered any of the kind of scams that had got me on other sites, I’ve been meeting tons of women and have tons to choose from, AND they are super secure and discreet and I haven’t had any close calls with regards to my wife finding out.


Joining The Site

Joining EasySex.com is just like joining any other dating site, really. You just say you’re a man looking for a woman (or whatever), tell them your birthday, location, and what kind of relationship you’re looking for (EasySex does more than just affair dating so you have to specify “discreet encounter”), and then answer a few questions about yourself and your preferences so that they will be able to suggest matches for you. Username…. password… email address… That’s it! Joining is also free, which is nice because you get to check out the site before you commit to paying for your membership.

Results After 3 Months Online

I am still on EasySex, obviously, but I tried to calculate some totals based on past dates so these results should be pretty accurate to an average three months on the site.

  • 512 messages sent
  • 337 responses received
  • 36 private video shows
  • 5 hookups
  • 2 affairs

As you can see, there is a TON of connections to be made on EasySex.com. I sent a lot of messages and received a lot of replies. I had a lot of little chats that didn’t really go anywhere, but nothing bad, just your average dating site selection process. I also found that there were a ton of women on EasySex who were interested in having sex chats, sending nude photos, and showing off in private video one-on-ones, so that’s what the “private video shows” number is about. I also had 5 one-night-stand hookups before I found my first constant affair partner. It ended pretty quickly, but only because the husband of the girl I was seeing got a job offer in another city and they both moved away. My second affair from Easy Sex is still the one I am currently having and if it ever comes to an end I know that I am guaranteed to find my next one on Easy Sex too.

Successful Tactics

I’m sure everyone has their own method for success when it comes to this stuff, but here are the main things that I do that I think help me be successful:

  • Be Proactive: Don’t just sit around and wait for women to message you. You have to remember that women on affair dating sites are getting way more messages then we are as men and that they are rarely going to go out of their way to message someone first (it does happen, but just not nearly as often). So, be proactive and take initiative: message the women you are interested in. And say something better than just, “Hey”.
  • Have An Open Mind: One of the most helpful things that I’ve found for finding great affairs on sites like this is to have an open mind. For example, one time I got a message from a girl that seemed pretty meh from her photos, but I was bored so I responded to her. She ended up being super witty and funny (which I like in a woman) and we decided to meet up. Turns out she was just really bad at taking photos and she was actually GORGEOUS. She ended up being my first affair using EasySex, and if I hadn’t had an open mind I would have never met her.


What Makes It Great

What makes Easy Sex great is obviously the fact that I can easily meet women for sex. And even more, than I can meet women for sex and feel safe while doing it. Unlike other sites I’ve been on, EasySex never sends me emails that could incriminate me, they bill me under a neutral name that is not suspicious, and they have a “blur me” option for profile photos in case you want a little more privacy protection. The other great thing about EasySex is that they have some of the most helpful features that I have encountered. Here are my two favorites:

  • Private Video Chat: Sometimes I can’t get away from the house long enough to meet up with someone, but because Easy Sex has their one-on-one video chat feature I can chat with women who want to give me a private cam show. It helps get me and the woman both get off. A lot of women on the site aren’t ready to cheat on their husbands with real-life sex, but they are into showing off their bodies and putting on shows for you to enjoy because it makes them feel sexy and good about themselves. It’s great for everyone involved.
  • Favorites List: Easy Sex has this thing called “my favorites” where you can add any profiles you like. I thought this was a great feature because I could browse through profiles and add a bunch to my favorites list and then be able to go see them all in one place to decide which girl I wanted to chat with first. It was also helpful when my first affair ended because I immediately went to my list to find another.

Tips And Tricks

I don’t think there’s really any “trick” to having an affair, but there are a few things I would give as tips if you’re using EasySex to find one:

  • Take Full Advantage Of The Site: You will have more fun and more success once you embrace all the features that Easy Sex has to offer. You may think just sticking to the search and messaging is all you need, but there’s so much more to this site!
  • Upgrade Your Membership: On EasySex there are a few different membership levels. The first level is free. You can see the site and look at member profiles but not do much else. The second level lets you contact other Easy Sex members and receive messages as well, but not use the other features of the site. The third and highest level allows you full access to every aspect of EasySex.com. This is the one I would recommend using if you are really serious about finding a good affair (or two, or three…).

What Needs To Change

There isn’t much I’d change about EasySex, really, but if I had to think of something I guess I would say:

  • Ads: EasySex has a lot of ads on their site. They aren’t that bothersome, but some of them flash or move a lot and they are kind of annoying. The good thing though is that they are all sidebar ads and banner ads. Other sites I’m on had pop-up ads and those were actually scary because then I had a whole extra window (or five) to close if my wife came by.


I would 100% definitely recommend EasySex.com to anyone who is looking for affair dating. I don’t know what else I can say at this point that I haven’t already said above, but I really, truly do feel like EasySex is the best affair dating site online right now. I hope you join and I hope you find as much success as I have.

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