Is Not A Good Affair Site For Women OR Men! Is Not A Good Affair Site For Women OR Men! Is Not A Good Affair Site For Women OR Men!

Gleeden claims to be “the #1 site for married women” because they are “made by women,” but I can’t find ANY reason to believe this site is good for ANYONE! Made for women, by women may sound good in theory, but the main point of an affair dating site, or like, any dating site, is to attract BOTH genders to your site, not just women. Don’t ask me how, but Gleeden somehow succeeds at doing the OPPOSITE of this… they have a very small number of both men AND women on their site. My guess would be that most women are a little turned off by how “high class” it seems (we are looking to cheat on our husbands after all) and that men are kind of thinking the same thing. Either way, the people of the affair dating world just aren’t jumping at the opportunity to join And if they aren’t, why should we be?


Joining The Site

I don’t know why I’m writing about joining the site after I just told you not to, but here we go. Besides the fact that you shouldn’t register with, you can register with very little effort. You just need to pick a username and password and then tell them your gender, the city and country you live in, your birthday, and whether you are gay or straight. Oh, and your email address too. You need to get their confirmation email before you can join, which kinda sucks because then you can’t use a fake email address.

Results After 3 Months Online

I want to explain one thing before you see my results. On Gleeden, you don’t have to pay for a membership, but you have to pay for things called “credits” because you can’t send or receive messages without them. It costs 5 credits to send a message and 3 credits to read a message that has been sent to you. So, when you look at my result numbers below you will notice that I didn’t sent very many messages. The cost was one of the reasons for that. The other reason is that there weren’t that many guys that I wanted to message, lol.

  • 16 messages sent
  • 89 messages received
  • 0 interesting or attractive guys
  • 0 dates
  • 0 affairs

Out of all the messages I received, I also didn’t pay to accept them all. Unfortunately, the credits just cost too much for me to take a chance on every dude who messaged me. Even then though, you can see that I didn’t received all that many messages, really. That’s because, again, there just aren’t that many dudes on Gleeden.

What Needs To Change

There are a few things that definitely needs to improve on before I would recommend that anyone join their site. Here’s a few, to start:

  • The Mobile App: Gleeden likes to pride themselves on the fact that they have a mobile app and, in fact, it was one of the biggest reasons why I chose to go with them in the first place. I don’t like to sit at a desk with my computer and I thought it was safer to keep all my affair dating stuff on my phone anyway, but their mobile app has so many bugs and it freezes and crashes ALL the time.
  • The Locations: Gleeden claims to be an “international dating website” but a lot of countries aren’t available yet. I was thinking that if you were someone who joined Gleeden hoping to find affairs while you’re travelling, this would be a big negative.
  • The Payment System: Buying credits is annoying and stupid. I don’t mind paying for a good quality affair dating site because I know that once I do everything is unlimited. With credits you know they are always going to run out so you spend more time thinking about how best to conserve them instead of just meeting people and mingling.

Oh, and also having more members would help.

Conclusion is not worth the time or effort when there are way better married dating sites out there you could be joining. There are simply just not enough members and their “credit” system is not something you want to get involved with. Do yourself a favor and skip this site. Man or woman, you can do better.

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