NoStringsAttached Is The Best Site I’ve Ever Been On!

NoStringsAttached Is The Best Site I’ve Ever Been On! Is The Best Site I’ve Ever Been On!

First off, I want to do a little introduction and say a few things about myself. I’ve been married for 16 years to a wonderful woman whom I love very much. We have two kids and I love spending time with them. My wife has a regular 9 to 5 office job and I have a job that requires me to work long hours, but that pays me very well. Having said that, I have felt like something was missing for a long time. My wife had lost a lot of her sex drive after we had the kids and I found the lack of sexual attention was driving me to lust after women in my life who I shouldn’t be: my assistant, my sister-in-law, several of my friends’ wives… I started to consider looking for sex outside my marriage, but I thought that having an affair would be impossible with my schedule. proved me wrong and showed me how to have an affair with ease!

Honestly, I cannot recommend NoStringsAttached enough. There was something like 3,000,000 members when I joined up a few months ago, and I can only imagine there are even more now. The whole idea of the site is right there in their name—No Strings Attached—so you only meet people who are looking for married dating or casual sex. Either way you won’t find anyone who is looking to start a relationship and settle down. is the perfect site for someone like me, someone who is looking for a hot affair, someone who is looking for a local affair, and someone who is looking for an affair that will fit their schedule.


Joining The Site

From what I remember, joining NoStringsAttached was very simple. I selected that I was a married man and that I was looking for a woman. They had options for the woman about whether I was looking for a single woman or a married woman, but I didn’t have a preference so I selected them both. Then I just had to give an email address for them to send the confirmation to. Once you get online they will suggest things that you can do (work on your profile, upgrade your account, etc.), but they will not force you to do anything until you want to.

Results After 3 Months Online

I’ve been on NoStringsAttached for just over three months, and here are my results so far:

  • 297 messages sent
  • 224 responses received
  • 8 dates
  • 4 sexual encounters
  • 1 amazing affair

I don’t think I send as many messages as the average user because of my busy schedule, but even so, you can see that 75% (yes, I just did the math!) of all the messages I sent got replies. From those 224 replies, I managed to fit eight offline dates into my schedule. From those eight dates, I managed to turn four into something more. And from those four sexual encounters, I managed to find an amazing woman who I wanted to see again. I now see her regularly, but I still continue to message other women on NoStringsAttached because it’s fun and I never know when I might need to connect with someone new.

Successful Tactics

Even though I am successful on NoStringsAttached, I don’t think that I am any kind of expert on affair dating. To be completely honest with you, I think the real experts here are the people behind NoStringsAttached. All I did was follow the tips they gave me throughout my experience and I’m convinced that that made all the difference. So…

  • Listen To The Site: As you start to use NoStringsAttached, you will notice that reminders will pop up to ask you if you are ready to do things. Pay attention to these, as they are all for your benefit! One example I have is the reminders about filling out different sections of my profile page and uploading a profile photo. Once I had those complete, my message response rate skyrocketed!

What Makes It Great

I can’t think of one thing about that doesn’t impress me. There are so many women online all the time, and thousands of them are looking for sex in my city at any given time. I’m supposed to write point form notes though, so here’s some more:

  • Private Photos/Videos: All NoStringsAttached members are able to upload photos and videos to their profiles. However, with a premium account you are able to upload “private” photos and videos, which means that they will be blurred out to other members unless you give them permission to view. This gives you a sense of allure and intrigue, as women will want to see the man behind the messages. It also helps give you that added level of discretion that you want when you are looking for an affair online.
  • Private Phone Calls: NoStringsAttached lets you make phone calls to other members through the site that use encrypted and untraceable phone numbers. It’s so much sexier to hear a woman’s voice if you are alone and can get away with it! The amazing part about this is that even if you wife goes through your phone, she will have nothing to be suspicious about!
  • Premium Features For A Low Price: You can always continue to use the free membership on No Strings Attached, but I found that I couldn’t do all that much without upgrading my membership to platinum. Fortunately,’s platinum membership is a great deal. For $30 a month you get both of the features I just listed, plus full access to all of NoStringsAttached’s other additional features and site areas. I guarantee that you spend more than that on a night out with the boys!


Tips And Tricks

Here are the two main tips I would give to someone who has just joined

  • Always Be Available: With my schedule, this was the thing I was most worried about. Luckily though, NoStringsAttached is available on literally any device. The site is mobile compatible and they even have an app you can download if you have a device that you know your wife won’t see. I used the app on my work tablet, used the mobile site on my phone, and used the full site on both my laptop and desktop computers. It made it easy to stay available and answer messages in a timely manner.
  • Upgrade Your Account: I know I touched on this in the last section, but I really want to let you know what a big difference it makes to your success on No Strings Attached. With an upgraded account, your profile will be shown higher on searches, which means that more women will see your profile. You can send unlimited messages. You can receive unlimited messages. You can use the entire site and all of its features. It feels like a whole new world of affair dating opens up!

What Needs To Change

As I said before, I can’t think of one thing about that doesn’t impress me. Even with their very few faults, their dedication to improving impresses me more than anything. For example:

  • Inactive Profiles: When you are browsing through members on NoStringsAttached, you will occasionally come across inactive profiles (profiles where the member hasn’t been online for over a year or two). It kind of sucks because you see this stunning woman, find out she lives close to you, send her a message, and then notice that the last time she was online was three years ago. But, like I said, NoStringsAttached is on it. Every profile has a “Report” button, and all you have to do it click it and select “profile is inactive”. Your report will go straight to the team at NoStringsAttached and they will remove the profile once they have confirmed that it is inactive!


Bottom line? I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking to have an affair. I really don’t know what else to say. This site is just… amazing. There is no NoStringsAttached scam. There is no fake profiles or prostitutes trying to find clients. There is just real women and real men, really looking to have real sex with no strings attached. It’s perfect and I couldn’t be happier.

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