Don’t Join! It Has Almost No Members!

Don’t Join! It Has Almost No Members!

Don’t Join! It Has Almost No Members!

Honestly, I don’t even think has enough members on it to even be considered a contender among the other affair dating sites out there. For example, I live in New York City. New York City. Okay? One of the most populated cities in the country and probably even the world. Hold on… I’m going to look up how many people live in New York. Okay. It’s 8.5 million. You know how many of them are on VictoriaMilan? Less than a hundred. Less than a hundred! I respect them for being a legit affair dating site (unlike a lot of the other scam sites out there) and for fighting against fake members, but what’s the point of doing all that if you can’t get any real members to join your site?


Joining The Site

Joining VictoriaMilan is pretty easy. They just ask what you’re looking for and then get you to fill out a screen name, email address, password, birthday, and where you live. You can’t get on the site without clicking on an email link they send you though, so don’t try to use a fake email address.

Results After 3 Months Online

I stayed on for three months before I cancelled my membership. OH, before I forget – you DO have to pay for your membership. VictoriaMilan makes this big deal about how they are “different from other scammy affair dating sites” and that they are “honest and legit”, but then they lie to you right on the homepage about the site being free! You can’t send or receive messages without paying for a membership (which, for the record, I think is fine as long as you don’t lie about it) so, that’s not exactly a free site now is it? Anyway, here are my results:

  • 57 messages sent
  • 36 messages received
  • 0 dates
  • 0 affairs

I know that 57 doesn’t seem like a lot of sent messages, but there really just weren’t a lot of members for me to message. I wasn’t going to message anyone who I didn’t find attractive (I’m shallow, so sue me), and I definitely wasn’t going to message anyone who didn’t have a profile photo, so when you took those profiles out of the selection available in New York City there weren’t really a lot of people left. Some of those messages were even to people outside the city, even though I never planned on travelling to meet them. I thought maybe I could get some nudes out of the conversation or something, but that wasn’t worth the effort I put in either.

In return, I only received 36 messages from other members of Victoria Milan. A couple of the girls seemed nice, but none of them were really all that hot and none of them were really all that close to me, either. In order to get away with having affairs I really can’t pick women that it takes an hour just to get to. They have to be at least kind of nearby. Final results? I didn’t meet anyone, I didn’t have any dates, and I didn’t find an affair.

What Needs To Change

VictoriaMilan has a decent site and some good people working behind the scenes. But that doesn’t change the fact that this site does not work. Here’s some things they need to start with:

  • Get More Members: And not just more members… A LOT more members. An affair dating site, or any dating site at all, is nothing without members. In my mind, VictoriaMilan doesn’t even have enough members to be considered a real site right now.
  • Be Original: Victoria Milan is trying to do this cutesy name thing like Ashley Madison does. I think it’s something about how having a girl name makes you seem… innocent? Honest? Something like that? I don’t know. I don’t think it works for AshleyMadison (HUGE scam!!) and I don’t know why Victoria Milan thinks it will work for them either.

Conclusion put in a good effort, but they just can’t hold up to the better affair dating sites out there. Don’t waste your time on VictoriaMilan. Just do yourself a favor and join a site that actually has members on it.

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